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“Organically Related: University and Professional Education,

Timothy J. Cash, University of Illinois.

Parables—Study at the Intersection of Epistemologies,

Alan Dagovitz and Rick Elgendy, University of Chicago.

Toward a Pedagogical Praxis that Radicalizes Social Awareness,

Jack A. Hill, Texas Christian University.

The Compatibility of a Liberal Education and a Consumer Culture,”

Marsha Kobre Anderson, Sierra Nevada College.

The New Media Approach to Higher Education,”

Danny Paskin, California State University, Long Beach.

“Rational Self-Interest, Intellectual Curiosity, and the Capitalist University,

Paul Swift, Bryant University (Rhode Island).

University as Wal Mart: Exploring Consumerism in Academia,”

Sandy Watson, University of Tennessee (Chattanooga) and Joe Morris, Dalton State University.

Putting Cultural Trends in Context: Teaching Values in Universities,”

Mary Beth Yount, Duquesne University.

The Bologna Process: ‘Europe of Euro’ vs. ‘Europe of Knowledge,’”

Pavel Zgaga, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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