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2016 Annual Meeting

SVHE 92nd Annual Meeting | July 13 - 17, 2017

Oberlin College, Oberlin,OH

The Politics of Dissent:

Satire, Sarcasm, and Spite in Civil Society


Keynote Speaker 

Sophia McClennan 

Sophia A. McClennen is Professor of International Affairs and Comparative Literature at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, where she directs the Center for Global Studies. She works on the intersections of culture, politics, and society and has focused recently on satire, democracy, and citizenship. She has published nine books, among them Is Satire Saving Our Nation?  co-written with Penn State undergrad Remy Maisel (Palgrave 2014), Colbert's America:Satire and Democracy (Palgrave 2013),mand The Routledge Companion to Human Rights and Literature, co-edited with Alexandra Schultheis-Moore Routledge 2015). In addition she has published over 60 essays and edited six special journal issues.  


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