2020 Fellows Meeting

July 20 – 24

Meeting Agenda

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were calls for radical transformation in higher education suggesting a diversity of futures available to higher education, wherein both the structure and purpose of the university education are reimagined. These radical re-imaginings have increased in frequency and intensity because of COVID-19.

The Society for Values in Higher Education is planning a week of virtual events from July 20-24, 2020 to consider and critique the many futures available to post-secondary education after the pandemic.

In addition to online versions of some of the regular features of our annual meeting, this year we are excited to include these innovative virtual sessions:

  • Chats with change agents: These 90 minute conversations will allow an opportunity for a moderated conversation with innovators and thinkers about higher education.
  • Wicked Provocations Teams: These groups will tackle varied wicked problems facing higher education, and will present their work at the Gallery of Wicked Provocations virtual event on July 23, 2020. RFP
  • The TPHE Collective: A group of scholars, sponsored by SVHE and Indiana University, has been working to develop a new theory of public higher education. The group will share the results of their work and engage participants in conversation.

Higher education faces an uncertain future,
students and their learning matter more now than ever.

Come join us from July 20-24 as we explore how to maximize the impact of post-secondary learning.