Our Mission

The Society for Values in Higher Education is a fellowship of teachers and others who care deeply about ethical issues—such as integrity, diversity, social justice and civic responsibility—facing higher education and the wider society. We believe that such values call for study, reflection, discussion, and action. We pursue these activities through publications, projects, regional gatherings, and an annual national meeting.

Goals of the Society

  • To reflect critically on contemporary values-based issues facing higher education;
  • To promote a rich diversity of perspectives while, at the same time, affirming a supportive organizational integrity within SVHE and all educational institutions;
  • To create openings in the walls that separate persons from one another (e.g. political affiliations, religion, professions, disciplines, race, gender, class, age) and that separate the members of the academy from the larger society;
  • To encourage interdisciplinary inquiry that integrates practical and intellectual perspectives; and
  • To challenge ourselves, our families, and higher education in general to develop whole persons who are prepared to play a constructive role in a rapidly changing world.

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