Pay Dues

Dues are based on employment/retirement income. Pricing for dues is as follows:

  • Income over $90K- $135
  • Income from $70K-$90K – $120
  • Income from $50K-$70K – $100
  • Income from $30K -$50K – $80
  • Income under $30K – $50
  • Life Membership – $1000

Select membership options below based upon your income.
A “cart” tab will pop-out from the right side of the screen.  Click anywhere on the  registration page to close the tab.
To add more than one of the same item, click “add to cart” again.
You may delete items at the “cart” page after clicking “Checkout Now” at the bottom of this page or click on the “x” in your cart tab on the right-hand side.

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